Wolfgang Fischer

Team HRC Team Manager

"We are in Abu Dhabi, the first race of the 2014 world championship with a new team set-up and with a world champion from last year Paulo Gonçalves. Of course, we will try our best to keep up the level from last year and defend his world championship. It will be a very long championship and the first race will be a very tough one here in the desert of Abu Dhabi, but we are well prepared. The team is motivated and everybody is working well together, so we should be able to bring home a nice result from this race."

Paulo Goncalves

"So this is the first race and I am really confident. I finished on the podium three years ago, and second last year, so perhaps it’s the moment to win here and I hope we do it. Sure, I’ll be fighting with all the other good riders, and I hope in the end we achieve our goal which is to win the race and try and keep the number one with us."

Joan Barreda

"So here we are one more year in Abu Dhabi, in the first race of the world championship. We are all ready a couple of months after the Dakar and we are here with the Team HRC and we’ll try and do a good job. We’ll have to push with Paulo and Helder to try to win this rally and we’ll be doing our best to take victory in this race."

Helder Rodrigues

"I’m very happy to be in Abu Dhabi again for the first race of the world championship. We are starting with a new set-up and everything is looking very promising and professional. The target in this race is to do the best we possibly can, and be fighting for the team, as well as getting a result for me personally. I’ll be happy if everyone finishes the race well."

Location Information

Sorry, a translated version of this text is not available. The erstwhile UAE Desert Challenge, one of the world’s most prestigious international cross country rallies, entered a new era in March 2009 when it was renamed the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge with the five-day motor sport spectacular being staged in its… read more.

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