The longest stage of this year’s Rallye Du Maroc was one hundred percent dominated by the Monster Energy Honda Team. Until kilometre 200, Pablo Quintanilla ruled. Then it was time for his teammate Ricky Brabec to shine: 2020 Dakar winner reached the bivouac in Tan Tan with a four minute advantage over the second place. With this performance he is now the new leader of the competition.

The spirit of the African years of the Dakar Rally was once again today in the horizon during the fourth stage 0f Rallye Du Maroc. This meant a great variety of landscapes, between plateaus, rivers and little mountains. The dunes were this time out of the equation during the 565 kilometres covered – 346 of those racing the special section that connected Laayoune region and Tan Tan.

Monster Energy Honda Team was once again on the spotlight. First it was Pablo Quintanilla leading the way until passage control 200 km. Then it was the time for American Ricky Brabec to show his unique style. In the end, the winner of Dakar 2020 finished with an advantage that was over four minutes. A great performance that had already implications in the general standings, since he become the new leader of the competition. Adrien Van Beveren was the 5th to show up at the bivouac in Tan Tan, José Ignacio Cornejo 7th and Pablo Quintanilla 9th.

With just one day to go, tomorrow’s stage of Rallye Du Maroc will be much shorter and for sure intense in the way back to Agadir. There will be a total 379  kilometres  to cover, 89 km in laiason and 290 kilometres of special stage.

Ricky Brabec 9

“Today was good and I am very happy with the result, considering this was the longest stage. I had the energy to make the push in such a long day. The stage was rocky like every rally in Morocco, the desert is great and there is quite a variety of terrain. This year is more or less rocky and fast, we haven’t spent much time on the dunes. Tomorrow we’re going to have an open stage so it will all depend on the way we race. Looking forward to get back to Agadir, cross our fingers and let’s hope we have a good stage tomorrow and end up somewhere on the podium. It’s not over until is over, because this is rally!"

Adrien Van Beveren

“I was expecting navigation mistakes from the riders opening the stage and that did not happen. I knew I had to concentrate a lot on the road book, because there were really a lot of notes, so my head is down and it’s not easy to go fast. Overall I had a good performance. Sometimes navigation pays off, when the others make mistakes, but that was not the case. Tomorrow for sure we will push to the end and try to go as fast as possible.”

Private: José Ignacio “Nacho” Cornejo 11

“It was a good stage, quite a long one. My plan was to stay solid and consistent along the way. I felt really good and was able to race in a good rhythm. In the end I kept the same position I had, so I’m sure tomorrow it’s time to speed it up and reach Agadir in a position that allow us to keep our leadership in the championship."

Pablo Quintanilla 7

“This morning I felt great and started with a good rhythm. I was leading the stage, but then I had a small technical problem that made me stop. I am happy that I was able to fix it and keep racing. This is also part of the race, I’m happy I could get back to the bivouac. I felt strong and powerful and I will give my best tomorrow. ”

2022 Season
Stage Round WORLD4   Morocco

Result of Selective Section 4 Laayoune - Tan Tan

Pos. Rider Num Nation Team Constructor Time/Gap
1 Brabec Ricky 9 USA Monster Energy Honda Team Honda 03h21m35s
2 Sunderland Sam 3 GBR Gas Gas Factory Team Gas Gas 03h21m51s
3 Benavides Kevin 1 ARG Red Bull KTM Rally Factory Team KTM 03h27m46s
4 Evan Branch Ross 16 BWA Hero Motorsports Team Rally Hero 03h29m04s
5 Van Beveren Adrien FRA Monster Energy Honda Team Honda 03h29m21s
6 Howes Skyler 10 USA Monster Energy Honda Team Honda 03h30m02s
7 Klein Mason 43 USA BAS World KTM Racing Team KTM 03h31m46s
8 Cornejo José Ignacio "Nacho" 11 CHI Monster Energy Honda Team Honda 03h32m52s
9 Benavides Luciano 77 ARG Husqvarna Factory Racing Husqvarna 03h33m47s
10 Quintanilla Pablo 7 CHI Monster Energy Honda Team Honda 03h35m24s
Location Information

Morocco has always been a land of rally raid. The story began in 1982 with the arrival of Paris-Agadir, the first rally raid to run in Morocco. The following year, the rally took the name of ‘Atlas Rally’ and became the flagship rally to the Rally Raids calendar. The Atlas… read more.

Winner 2022 Skyler Howes (Husqvarna)
Winner 2021 Pablo Quintanilla (Honda)
Winner 2020 Cancelled due the COVID-19 Pandemic
Winner 2019 Toby Price (KTM)
Winner 2018 Toby Price (KTM)
Winner 2017 Matthias Walkner (KTM)
Winner 2016 Toby Price (KTM)
Winner 2015 Sam Sunderland (KTM)
Winner 2014 Marc Coma (KTM)
Winner 2013 Paulo Gonçalves (Honda)
Winner 2012 Cyril Despres (KTM)

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