Since the beginning, Bike Village had set the ambitious goal to let Sardegna Rally Race be considered among the great rallies. On the eve of the seventh edition, this goal is perfectly reached. The fans of these fascinating races born in the desert have found in the Sardegna Rally Race the ideal setting for this unique event. Why this resounding and exclusive success? The credit for this success belongs to the amazing sceneries of Sardinia that Bike Village, thanks to its event, enhances , glorifies and makes them know the “Riders People”, of course, but also to a wider and diversified audience.

Many elements of our organizing, business and agonistic history flow into Sardegna Rally Race. The rally is characterized d by a particularly efficient logistics that is able to offer to participants a high end level competitive event at an affordable cost, also offering a wide range of benefits that are difficult to beat in terms of ambience and charm of the occasion.

The path of Sardegna Rally Race is certainly very technical but incomparably varied and impressive. It is judiciously selective and it is successful in meeting the needs of a very wide range of participants. For this reason Sardegna Rally Race is interesting and engaging for the most talented and most competitive Riders in the World, but it is not less attractive for those less involved in the agonistic environment and for amateurs and fans. In the 2013 edition of SRR we proposed a path that highlighted the best features of the area and of the Riders so that the test turned out to be the most technically, most competitive engaging stage of the Cross-Country World Championship.

For the year 2014 Bike Village is studying a path that would be even more accessible to amateurs and Riders participating with quads and with big two-cylinders motorbikes. Technical purposes of the best rally in the World would not be lost, but it is not a secret that we are actively investigating the possibility of including in the race also SSVs, and in a foreseeable future also cars.

This kind of commitment leads us to consider further the “fluency” of the daily routine of the competition, considering terrain and kilometric/timing development, and pushes us to try to raise further the already high security level of the Rally. For this reason, we are also studying the opportunity to insert modifications of the circuit for less nimble vehicles.

Sardegna Rally Race in its seventh edition will be composed of five stages in five days of competition, and it will also include the marathon stage without any assistance at the bivouac. 2014 path is already at an advanced stage of study, and it plans a new departure point. According to custom, the arrival will be in San Teodoro. Locations of halfway stages and crossing places will be different, in order to give Riders the chance to enjoy the Sardinia Island from a different and completely new point of view. Sardegna Rally Race “must have” remain untouchable: the complex but extremely clear road book, the amazing landscape features, the great hospitality offered by the best hotels in the Island.

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