Dust, mud, brain-melting heat or damp cold, into the night, in dirt or asphalt roads, treks in the forest, ravines and flatlands. Crossing big cities and little villages, contacting simple, caring and hospitable people. All this is part of Sertões International Rally. Besides the bold competition, the event is also a great life lesson. Competitors from all over the world face an unknown reality, with completely new landscapes. The harder it gets, the most pleasure to win. This is the way competitors and sertões’ people are.

The contrast between scenario and characters is huge. Just imagine state of the art, powerful, fast machines passing by paths where not even oxcarts have been through.
Those are realities that mix in a powerful and outstanding manner. Racers covered in dust and full of will get thrilled with the race itself, but also with the hospitality of their hosts. And they learn a lot from the local people who, as the Brazilian writer Euclides da Cunha used to say, “are, above anything, strong”.


This is how Sertões International Rally translates: Emotion, speed, adrenaline, overcoming obstacles, life lesson, citizenship, and 17 years of history in 2009.

2014 Cross Countries Rally Stage, Rally dos Sertoes
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